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NetBSD 4 -> 5 upgrade

Yesterday, as I was having trouble running apache with mod_python ( lots of errors to do with pthreads ), and after a long day looking for solutions regarding mod_python without success, I decided to upgrade my old NetBSD4 to a NetBSD 5.0.1, who should have an improved thread support.

Although I was used in the past to upgrade my home server using home made scripts and docs that I keep at https://gna.org/projects/netbsd-intro , I havent done that in a long time… I updated my NetBSD source tree, and tried to build the new version while running the previous one. I failed, and after a few unsuccessful tries, I decided that doing a blank new upgrade using the installer that comes with a fresh ISO… I have been away from the mailing list probably a bit too long.

Unfortunately my server doesnt have any CD reader… so I made myself a USBdisk following the wiki. I did the upgrade on my couple of raid disks following the wiki again. But when trying to boot, it told me /boot was not present on my drive (heh ?)… It took me a while to remember that I was using FFSv2 and not v1, so I had to install the appropriate boot file : bootxx_ffsv2.

Then I rebooted, and everything was working fine. My old settings were kept, which I must admit I was a bit relieved about 🙂 My apache doesnt fails on pthreads anymore, but instead returns me an error from trac python code, which is always nicer than a plain blank page… still have to fix that…

Next step is going to completely finish the update of my system, from source and make sure all my scripts are going to work again on NetBSD 5, and that the doc is still accurate… ha lots of work, but it s always a good idea to keep track of how you install and configure your machines.

Still love NetBSD, even though I wish more people ( including myself ) had more time and resources to help them rounding the edges…

Thanks to all the people who made the release 5 possible !

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