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During last month, I kept improving some code on my little cross-platform graphic library. New design is now in place to support all different pixel format in opengl ( except palette ) the same way than in SDL. It was a fair bit of work, and a lot of test still needs to be written.

I also found something interesting : the FAWN project.
I have been thinking about that concept since I know about “One-Board PCs” and clusters… But I didnt want to spend so much time and money before knowing if it would be useful or not. Well some answer is in their paper, but I still wonder if research is going on there or not. It seems pretty interesting so far, but I am really wondering about hot-swapping nodes…
For those interested, they are selling their cluster on ebay

On the downside I also learned about ACTA… Sometimes I am saddened by the dedication mankind can put to destroy itself, just for the blind profit of some…

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